Exploring Data

Exploring Data On Your Commure Developer Tenant

This tutorial requires you to log into your Commure Developer Account.

By signing up for a Commure Developer Account, you are assigned your own "tenant" that serves as your data sandbox. This tutorial walks through how to use the “Explore Data” feature to better understand the semantic meaning of your FHIR data.

Prelude: Get Data

To get started with some data, post sample FHIR bundles to your sandbox by clicking on "Load Sample Data" button on your dashboard. Note: the bundles provided include resources with Resource.id specified, so if you re-post the same Bundle, it will not be duplicated.

Exploring Data

Once you have data loaded up, go to "Explore Data" to get a better feel for the how FHIR resources are used, what data their fields might contain, and a review of what data is already present in your tenant.

  1. Start by selecting a resource type, such as Observation. You can use the drop down list, or start typing.


  1. Once a resource type has been selected, a series of search parameters will pop up.


  1. If you're looking for a specific resource instance, narrow down your search by filling some or all of the search parameters. Otherwise, go ahead and click the "Submit" button. If there are resources that match your search, a table below will be populated. You can inspect the constructed search query under the "Submit" button.


  1. Click on a row to navigate to the resource instance. All available fields for that specific resource instance will be present. Any field that the resource does not have data for will not be visible.


  1. Now you can explore your data! Bonus tip: Click on the helper ?'s to see more details about a given field and how we use it at Commure.