Editions & Pricing

We believe that transparency and fairness in pricing and terms of service is key for any successful platform, but especially in the complex world of healthcare. As such, we want to provide the following for developers new to Commure.

Commure is available in the following editions:

Sandbox (Developer Account)

The “sandbox” environment of the Commure Platform is where developers can evaluate their technology and build applications. However, it is not suitable for storing or processing ePHI. The sandbox has most of the documentation and features that matter when developing a FHIR application.

View Limitations and Restrictions

Test Environment

The test environment of the Commure Platform offers developers full access to a production environment in order to run an application for a limited scope. Here you can test your application with a limited number of test users and up to a certain resource limit.

Full access to the production environment to build enterprise-grade application ready for deployment

Production - Standalone

The full access, 24/7 production environment of the Commure Platform offers a variety of compliance options and is suitable for applications that require storing and processing PHI. It is the best choice for production healthcare apps that do not require connectivity to hospital systems. More details are available from your existing Commure account representative.

Production - Enterprise

The Production-Enterprise environment for the Commure Platform includes all of the capabilities of Production-Standalone, in addition to providing capabilities for real-time data integration. It connects your application to one or more healthcare systems, providing seamless integration with their existing infrastructure and security systems via Commure’s set of FHIR-native, modern APIs. Commure’s terms and pricing allow Commure Platform Enterprise to be purchased directly by application developers and by health systems.

Edition Comparison

 SandboxTest EnvironmentProduction - StandaloneProduction - Enterprise
Number of applicationsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
EHR data integrationNoNoNoYes
MaintenanceBy customerBy customerBy customerCommure
HIPAA technical safeguardNoNoYesYes
BAA, HIPAA administrative supportNoNoNoYes
Security assessmentNoNoAdd-onAdd-on
Resources and hostingLimitedTBDTBDTBD
App HostingSandbox onlyUnlimited1 appUnlimited
Self-integration guideN/AN/AAdd-onIncluded
Integration supportN/AN/AAdd-onAdd-on
PricingFreeAnnual subscriptionAnnual subscription Contact us

** Sandbox Limitations and Restrictions

  1. Developer platform shall not be used for production applications
  2. No posting of Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  3. Limits on number and size of API calls
  4. Not to be connected to production hospital IT systems
  5. No service-level agreement (SLA) or uptime guarantee
  6. Data protection on best effort basis
  7. Limited to specific geographic regions
  8. Limits on application hosting

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