Commure Platform

The Commure Platform provides REST APIs, SDKs and cloud services that support healthcare application development by the broadest range of developers across the application life cycle.


For those new to healthcare software, the Commure Platform will provide a pragmatic introduction to building software for medicine, clarification of regulatory requirements and resources for learning FHIR(r).


The Commure Platform makes it easier to build great applications quickly and safely. By using Commure utility libraries, UI components and comprehensive APIs, developers get the benefit of open standards, security best practices and agile software methods. The Commure Platform allows developers to focus on their unique know-how instead of worrying about things like SSO integration or VPN configuration.

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Many apps only make sense if they can be fully integrated with existing systems and data. Commure makes it easier to securely connect to existing hospital IT systems.


Building software for healthcare requires compliance with complex regulations and sophisticated processes. The Commure Platform makes it easier to achieve initial compliance, to get into production safely, and to remain compliant.


The Commure Platform provides a comprehensive solution for deploying apps in a way that helps ensure performance, security and efficiency. This includes API-level monitoring of user counts, response latencies, API throughputs and any errors or security exceptions.


Governance is essential to responsible healthcare innovation. Approving, monitoring and controlling the use of new digital health technologies is essential for the patients' safety and doctors' well-being. But it can also delay innovation and discourage deploying new applications. The work does not end after an app is deployed in production for the first time - safety, security and governance are an ongoing responsibility for application developers. The Commure Platform helps teams move responsibly, yet quickly.