Commure JavaScript SDK

Commure provides a suite of React components that make it easy to design and develop an intuitive, consistent, and pleasurable experience for care teams.

The easiest way to discover and learn more about the Commure React components is through the component showcase, but below is a breakdown of how we organized the NPM packages themselves.

1import "@commure/components-core/lib/style.css";


At the moment, this library contains mostly straightforward re-exports of the Blueprint component library. Blueprint is optimized for building complex data-dense interfaces for desktop applications, which make it a natural fit for the information-dense healthcare domain.

We've also included some core Commure App design elements here, such as our AppHeader and LeftPanelLayout components.

Please be aware that these components alone do not necessarily conform to the entirety of Commure's Design Guidelines; read more there to get a sense for what Commure expects in an application that is to be deployed in a healthcare context.

As the component libraries mature, they will more closely conform to the stated design guidelines.


The components in this library do not include any visual aspects: they are purely for wrangling data to and from a FHIR server.

This includes handling authentication via CommureSmartApp, reading data with FhirDataQuery, and writing data with the Higher Order Component withFhirDataMutate.


Core components are at the center of the Commure's JavaScript SDK value proposition. They make it easier to deal with FHIR data, protocols, and all the associated intricacies.

We've worked with our team of clinicians to make these components useful and ready-to-use out of the box

Experimental Components

We label some components as experimental for two reasons:

  1. They're immature and not yet optimized for effective clinical use
  2. We're not sure if the concept behind the component is worth component-izing. We're awaiting feedback from users before we commit to building it out and maintaining it in the long run.

You should feel free to use these components if they suit your use case - and definitely tell us about it! - but please be aware that we may choose to drop support for them in a major version change.

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