What is a Commure App?

The Commure Platform exists to service Commure Apps. Commure Apps are built by you, the Commure Developer community.

SMART App Launch to authenticate

For now, all Commure Apps are built as Commure SMART Apps. This means they conform to the SMART App Launch protocol for authenticating applications inside of healthcare systems.

Managing this interaction with a hospital system's identity provider is a non-negotiable part of building healthcare software: every piece of data that flows in or out of software needs to tracked, and SMART App Launch provides the authentication mechanism to enable that.

The good news is that Commure makes it very easy to manage the SMART protocol when building a Commure SMART App. Read more here.

React is the preferred front-end framework

Most of Commure's front-end and application development tooling is thus far made with the React framework in mind.

So developers that are building web and mobile applications with React are likely to move quickest and get the most leverage out of using Commure's platform.

Apps eventually get deployed in the Commure application library

When you're in a place where you're interested in deploying app(s) to a health system, think about what kind of environment you need and start a conversation with Commure to discuss your options for going live.

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