NPM Packages

Commure provides its JavaScript SDK in the form of NPM packages hosted on the private Commure NPM registry.

Downloading @commure NPM packages

To get started, you need to configure your account for Commure NPM access.

After you've done the setup, you can yarn add @commure/<package-name> as you normally would with NPM packages.

@commure package organization

Three packages filled with React components:

  • @commure/components-foundation: Fundamental UI building blocks for a web application in the healthcare domain
  • @commure/components-data: Data-fetching and authorization oriented components for interacting with a FHIR server
  • @commure/components-core: Opinionated building blocks for healthcare applications, sometimes including baked-in FHIR server interactions

One package filled with FHIR R4 types:

Coming soon...

Commure will soon be releasing more JavaScript libraries that expose additional FHIR-server interactions in an ergonomic way. Stay tuned!