Commure JavaScript SDK

Commure provides a suite of JavaScript/TypeScript tooling to make it easy for application developers to interface with the variety of tooling and APIs that Commure offers.

Release Date

Initially, our offering revolves around React components for all fundamental authentication, data fetching, and data display concerns.

In the (near) future, we will release more framework-agnostic tooling.

Getting Started

If this is your first time here, we recommend you get a feel for the Commure Platform by stepping through the Getting Started guide to build your first Commure application.

An easy-to-use layer on top of Commure APIs

As you read through the Developer Guide and API Reference, you will find that Commure APIs provide a wide variety of functionality related to authentication, authorization, CRUD, and more.

These details may be useful for those already familiar with healthcare IT and looking to leverage advanced features.

For a developer new to the healthcare IT ecosystem, or someone looking to get to building full-fledged apps quickly, our JavaScript SDK makes it as easy to develop healthcare applications as it would be to build applications in any other industry.

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