A powerful and innovative feature set

Commure provides a comprehensive platform that includes all the features necessary to develop and deploy healthcare applications based on the open HL7 FHIR standard.

A robust FHIR API server, fine-grained security framework, event service bus, EHR integration, API gateway, flexible data store (or cache), UI components/framework, Terminology services and more. It also provides an ecosystem for sharing and accelerating healthcare software innovation that is independent, fair and fast.


  • Fully featured FHIR server built for conformance, compliance, performance, and security from the ground up
  • Enhances interoperability with FHIR Profile, and support all FHIR versions,
  • Implements FHIR resources and operations: clinical, operational and financial
  • Supports BlueButton and FHIR Bulk data exchange
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AAA Security Framework

Authentication, authorization and audit of all data access, integrated with existing SSO or ActiveDirectory infrastructure

  • Authenticates users and machines using existing identity management / SSO systems, via SAML, OAuth or OpenID
  • Authorizes fine-grained access to only the narrowly scoped data needed for a given case
  • Audits every access in full

Event Service Bus

  • Enables near-real-time, responsive applications using standard FHIR APIs
  • Buffers incoming events and retains a full history of transactions
  • Allows subscription to specific data changes

FHIR API Gateway

Commure’s platform allows healthcare systems to unify data easily and securely across all of their services.

Powerful configuration

Through our powerful configuration tools, you’re able to bring together data from many different sources and popular hospital data formats.

HL7 FHIR interoperability

Our advanced mapping technology allows you to surface HL7 data as FHIR that can be used by any application built on our platform.

Secure access controls

Our Attribute Based Access Control system (ABAC) is a powerful tool to make sure all of your data is secure and only available to the right people.

Learn more about security…

Flexible Data Store

  • Caches or stores data in a modern replicated datastore
  • All data accessed or exportable via FHIR standards

UI Framework

  • Simplifies handling FHIR data, with pre-built React.js components and convenient SDKs
  • Speeds building high-quality user interfaces Includes a UX design guide co-developed with doctors
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FHIR Terminology Services

  • Manages medical terminologies and codes such as LOINC or SNOMED
  • Maps between local and standard coding systems
  • Enables true interoperability for clinical meaning

Compliance-focused Hosting

  • Simplifies compliance with HIPAA, HITRUST and health system requirements.
  • Flexible deployment options based on containers, Kubernetes & open standards

More coming soon

We have many more exciting features in development, read more below and come back often!

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