Viewer Configuration

A set of configuration is provided in order to customize the viewer using the following fields. Configuration fields should be set in window.config object for the access of the viewer components.

Note that this configuration is optional for the thumbnails component.

Mandatory Fields

servers [object]

An object including a set of image archive servers by communication protocol. The viewer currently supports for only DICOMweb, so you should define dicomweb array with the following fields in order to retrieve and load DICOM resources.

  • name is the name of the image archive
  • wadoUriRoot is the URL to send WADO-URI requests
  • qidoRoot is the URL to send QIDO-RS requests
  • wadoRoot is the URL to send WADO-RS requests
  • qidoSupportsIncludeField indicates whether the image archive supports for "includefield" query parameter in QIDO-RS requests, true by default
  • imageRendering indicates which DICOMweb endpoint would be used for the DICOM images displayed on viewports, "wadors" by default
  • thumbnailRendering indicates which DICOMweb endpoint would be used for image thumbnails on the study panel, "wadors" by default
  • enableStudyLazyLoad indicates whether to load DICOM resources asynchronously with lazy loading, true by default

Optional Fields

oidc [array]

An array including a set of OpenID Connect configuration of authorization servers such as authority, client id, response type and scope. OpenID Connect Access Token is automatically sent to the image archive server via HTTP Bearer when OpenID Connect is configuration. Note that the viewer currently uses only one authorization server which is the first array element.

showStudyList [boolean]

A value indicating whether to enable study list and its button in header, true by default

filterQueryParam [boolean]

A value indicating whether to enable filtering by query params in the image archive, false by default

isLeftSidePanelOpen [boolean]

A value indicating whether to show the study panel including thumbnails on initial load, true by default

Sample Config

window.config = {
servers: {
dicomWeb: [
name: 'MEDKEN Image Archive',
wadoUriRoot: '',
qidoRoot: '',
wadoRoot: '',
qidoSupportsIncludeField: true,
imageRendering: 'wadors',
thumbnailRendering: 'wadors',
enableStudyLazyLoad: true,
oidc: [
authority: '',
client_id: 'MEDKEN-Viewer',
response_type: 'code',
scope: 'email profile openid',
showStudyList: true,
filterQueryParam: false,
isLeftSidePanelOpen: true,