We provide a set of components to make it easy for developers to add medical imaging viewer into an existing React application with various features using just a few lines of code.

Follow these basic steps:

  1. Import a component from an appropriate NPM package
  2. Configure the component
  3. Render the component

You can also customize the components based on your requirements using viewer configuration and React props.

Note that DICOM resources are retrieved and loaded from an image archive (PACS) supporting DICOMweb as configured.

The viewer is not for diagnostic use!


  • @medken/react-medken-thumbnails includes the thumbnails component
  • @medken/viewer includes the viewer components


  • Thumbnails component provides image thumbnails with study and series summary by patient
  • Viewer component provides a full-featured DICOM viewer including medical imaging tools

Additional components such as single viewport, study panel and toolbar are coming soon...