Application header

The header is for primary navigation of the application. It is required when building any application on the Commure platform that a header is visible and functional as users will be using this to not only navigate, but to identify which application they are currently in.


Example of an application header:

layout full box 1440px width screen

  1. Logo: We recommend the application logo to always be on the far left. As it's the first thing the user will look at and to identify which application they are using. They can click this logo to take them back to the main application page.
  2. Navigation: We recommend after the logo placement, to next provide link navigation. This navigation allows the user to switch to and top-level pages of the application.
  3. Icons: Icons give the application extra functionality, you can use icons for many different use cases.
  4. User: We recommend that you provide user specific settings to the application. Add this to the far right of the header as it will be the last thing the user will interact with, but it will be always present in case they need to access it.

See the application layout page to learn more Commure's layout guidance.