Design Guidelines

Commure provides interface guidelines to build and style healthcare products.

We provide guidelines for the aesthetic, function, and form of user interfaces to provide a consistent experience for care teams.


The style can be included via our libraries. Place the following in the <head> of your application:

2import "@commure/components-core/lib/style.css";

This site contains overview documentation for the most prominent features of our interface guidelines and components.

Why Guidelines?

The answer is simple — guidelines provide a solid foundation to any shared framework. These principles guide our thinking and help us to make better decisions together, faster.

Ultimately, a shared framework allows us all to focus on our primary goal: making better software for doctors & nurses .


Simple • Effective • Intuitive

Eliminate unnecessary complexity. Be easy to understand, regardless of the person's knowledge or concentration level.

  • Are my components reducing complexity by addressing simple and focused tasks or concepts?
  • Are my components achieving the business goal?
  • Are my components adding value to the system?
  • Are my components passing heuristics tests?
  • Can I articulate the value my design is adding to the user?


Consistent • Universal • Open

Design for real people, not stereotyped personas. Reflect reality: use expected, contextual patterns and natural metaphors.

  • Am I designing in a non-discriminative way?
  • Am I empowering my users to do their tasks?
  • Are my components usable in their intended setting or context?
  • Am I contributing positively to the healthcare community?
  • Do I know the groups and the people that my components are for?
  • Do my components meet accessibility guidelines?


Transparent • Human • Affordant

Be clear, transparent, and straightforward. Respect the needs and resources of healthcare teams; especially attention and time.

  • Am I using the correct affordances to solve the problem?
  • Am I working to continuously reduce the cognitive load for users?
  • Do my components succinctly convey enough information?
  • Am I testing and validating my components with care teams?
  • Am I using dark patterns?
  • Are my components ethical?


Reliable • Emotive • Genuine

Healthcare products that care teams enjoy using. Intentionally produce your best, down to the little details.

  • Am I spending time with users to understand their emotions?
  • Are people better for experiencing the work I do?
  • Do people find delight and joy when experiencing my components?
  • Are my components performant, functional, and usable?
  • Are my components authentic and based on timeless principles?
  • Are my components documented in a way that others can easily use them?

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