Avatars are often used to help people visually organize comment threads without having to keep track of an individual's name, or to provide a placeholder identity for users who haven't uploaded their own personal representation.

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  1. Avatar: Avatars represent the user or organization. Users can upload images to identify themselves. For users that haven't uploaded an image, you can display their initials instead.


Avatars can be used for multiple scenarios. You can use avatars to visually organize comment threads, display which user is logged into the application, or use it to represent a hospital organization.

avatar navigation

  1. Avatar in navigation bar: Commure uses avatars to represent the user identity. It can be clicked to show additional user information.
  2. Avatar in menu: A larger avatar or picture can be displayed within the user menu.

Patient context

Avatars can also be used within context of a patient. It can help clearly confirm and identify if the patient being treated matches the proper description.

avatar patient

  1. Avatar for patient: Use a portrait photo next to any information related to the context of a patient.


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The use of specific sizes of avatars will depend on the context of each application. We recommend to use larger avatars for patient context or for deep user settings. Smaller avatars can be used within navigation bars or within comment threads.

Avatar colors

These default avatars use our color palette and are automatically served by Identity. They are designed as is and do not require further customization.