The Text component adds accessible overflow behavior to a line of text by conditionally adding the title attribute and truncating with an ellipsis when content overflows its container.

Included Components

  1. Text: Accepts and renders arbitrary children. It is intended that these children render as text.


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1import React from "react";
2import { Text } from "@commure/components-foundation";
4function MyText() {
5 return <Text ellipsize>Sample Text</Text>;
8export default MyText;

API Reference


Prop NameRequired?TypeDescription
classNamefalsestringA space-delimited list of class names to pass along to a child element.
ellipsizefalsebooleanIndicates that this component should be truncated with an ellipsis if it overflows its container. The `title` attribute will also be added when content overflows to show the full text of the children on hover.
tagNamefalsekeyof IntrinsicElementsHTML tag name to use for rendered element.

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