Vital Signs


Vitals, or vital signs, are a set of clinical measurements that are used to communicate essential information about a patient's stability. They include information about the patient's body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation. Each of these measurements is a FHIR Observations.

These components accept FHIR Observations, places the appropriate values in the correct order, and renders them in a clean and compact display.

Included Components

  1. VitalSigns: Displays attributes for FHIR Observations that are categorized as vital signs in a format that physicians are accustomed to viewing.




1import React from "react";
2import { VitalSigns } from "@commure/components-core";
4const MyVitalSigns = ({ resources }) => (
5 <VitalSigns
6 resources={resources}
7 hideDateTime={false}
8 hidePanelTitle={false}
9 observationProps={{}}
10 order={[
11 "heartRate",
12 "temperature",
13 "bloodPressure",
14 "respiratoryRate",
15 "oxygenSaturation"
16 ]}
17 />
20export default MyVitalSigns;

API Reference


Prop NameRequired?TypeDescription
hideDateTimefalsebooleanWhether the datetime of the panel should be hidden.
hidePanelTitlefalsebooleanWhether the panel title should be hidden.
observationPropsfalse{ [observation: string]: { decimalPlaces: number; hideUnit: boolean; [key: string]: any; }; }Props to be passed to each Observation that gets rendered.
orderfalsestring[]The order in which the Observations should be listed visually.
panelTitlefalsestringTitle to render at the top of the Component.
resourcestrueObservation[]An array of Observation FHIR resources, each in json format.

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