Resource List Table


The ResourceListTable component is a general table that can be used to display a collection of FHIR resources. Each resource is represented by a row and each property is represented by a column. This component is useful to display a list of a patient's medical history, surgical history, or medications.

The headerToCellDisplay property is used to render a given cell value. Cells can be rendered using a custom render function, or dynamically by passing in a FHIRPath.




The below represents a situation where the Medications component utilizes the ResourceListTable to display a list of medications.

1import React, { useState } from "react";
2import { ResourceListTable } from "@commure/components-core";
4const Medications = ({ resources }) => {
5 const [selectedMedication, setSelectedMedication] = useState(undefined);
7 const selectMedication = resource => {
8 setSelectedMedication(resource);
9 };
11 return (
12 <ResourceListTable
13 resources={resources}
14 onRowClick={selectMedication}
15 headerToCellDisplay={{
16 Medication: "medication",
17 Note: "dosage[0].text",
18 Dose: ["dosage[0].doseAndRate.dose"]
19 }}
20 />
21 );
24export default Medications;

API Reference


Prop NameRequired?TypeDescription
classNamefalsestringClassName to apply to the HTML table.
headerToCellDisplayfalseobjectAn object that maps the header name to how to display cells in that column. Returns either a FHIRPath string that accesses and renders the field at that FHIRPath, or a custom function that takes the resource and renders a component.
onRowClickfalseFunctionA function called when the row is clicked -- if this is passed, the table row will become interactive on hover by default.
resourcestrueArrayAn array of resources for the table to display.
tablePropsfalseobjectProps to spread to the inner HTMLTable component.

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