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The full-stack open Platform for healthcare developers

The Commure Developer Platform makes it easy to build and deploy the next generation of healthcare applications by providing a secure, reliable, and interoperable foundation.
Spend your time working on things that matter - we’re working to fix healthcare.  

FHIR-native components

Fetch and display FHIR resources in your application with just a few lines of code.

Example: Patient card with FHIR connectivity
1import { FhirDataQuery } from "@commure/components-data";
2import { PatientCard } from "@commure/components-core";
4const MyPatientCard = ({ patientId }) => (
5 <FhirDataQuery queryString={"Patient/" + patientId}>
6 {({ data }) => (
7 <PatientCard resource={data} />
8 )}
9 </FhirDataQuery>

Developers, startups, and hospitals of all sizes use Commure

Hospitals have a life-or-death mission that requires mission-critical software that is reliable and secure. Commure provides a robust foundation that makes meeting these requirements easier for healthcare developers. This, in turn, opens up the innovation ecosystem to make healthcare better: for doctors, for patients and for everyone.

Build Applications Faster

Developers can focus on their unique ideas and avoid much of the repetitive work involved in building FHIR applications by letting the Commure Platform take care of data integration, secure access control and common UI elements.

Deploy Applications Faster

Get existing applications running in production and helping care teams in weeks instead of months or years. The Commure Platform makes this possible by streamlining EHR integration and HIPAA-compliance.

Govern All Aspects

Proper governance is essential to responsible healthcare innovation: from security & compliance review, to clinical informatics approval and operational change management. The Commure Platform gives transparent control over the right things to the right stakeholders to reduce risk across dimensions.